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My Vision for Accelerate Me

I felt is was important to share my vision statement with you for this website. This is what I work toward every day, using it as my compass and motivator. My vision is to accelerate the personal evolution of a thousand people in the next 12 months. This means teaching my people how to shed… Continue Reading →

Will Smith Shares His Secrets to Success

What Will Smith Can Teach Us About Success Will Smith has a very physical and palpable excitement for life. You can see it clearly in the video. It’s contagious and it makes him interesting to watch. No wonder he’s a movie star. That passion is magnetic. But what else about him contributed to his success… Continue Reading →

Ze Frank on Productivity, Creativity and Inspiration

What We Can Learn From A Productive (and Inspiring) Creator Wow, I stumbled across this today and was really impressed. Here’s a guy who is dedicated to the output of his creativity. Ze Frank is incredibly productive, but by his own admission, is fallible and human. Of course he is, all the greats are, and… Continue Reading →

What I Learned From Steve Jobs About Intuition

UPDATE: Watch the rare video at the end of this post of Jobs talking about his vision of reality and the personal limits that we accept. Best 46 seconds you’ll spend today! This is a follow up post to Unlocking Your Intuition, which shows you a method of expanding your intuition. You can read it here… Continue Reading →

Instant Creativity: How to Open the Floodgates on Inspiration and Good Ideas

Here’s a simple but massively effective tip on how to put yourself into a hugely creative state. Are you ready for it? You’ll miss it if you blink ;-) Take a shower. That’s it! Instant creativity. Every morning, when I take a shower, the ideas start to flow as fast as the water. It’s a… Continue Reading →

“Chunking” the Secret Key to Goal-Achievement

Ever have trouble achieving goals? Or even setting them in the first place? It’s pretty-much a well established fact by now that those who are successful, are goal-setters. They decided what they wanted, wrote it down, and formed some kind of a plan to make it happen. Then, they worked that plan. Every damn day… Continue Reading →

How to Unlock Your Intuition

If you had your own personal oracle which you could ask any question and get an accurate answer with concrete plans, would you use it? Of course you would! Well, are you using it? You do have an oracle, and it is called your intuition. Intuitive inspiration is what has guided countless successful people to the… Continue Reading →

How I Created a Website, Not Knowing One Thing About the Inner Workings of the Web with Site Build It!

Or, How I Built my Passion into my Business [Update January 10th, 2012: I’ve just completed transferring this website from SBI to my own dedicated server. I still highly recommend SBI to anyone starting out with an online business for the sole reason of absolute top-quality information and training in the fundamentals. Because it’s these fundamentals… Continue Reading →

Site Build It! Special Offer

It’s their best price of the year! And it’s almost gone… Are you considering building a website? Are you looking for hosting? I know something better. Why not start a successful online business. But isn’t that what I’m doing when I get hosting or a site builder you say? Not necessarily. What about traffic? Without… Continue Reading →