Meditation Lesson 2 Letting Go

Welcome to Meditation Lesson 2 letting go of the false within you.

Before you watch this video, make sure you’ve played (and meditated along with) Meditation Lesson 1. It sets you up with some vital foundations, and prepares you for what you will learn in this lesson.

What’s this all about?

Every one of us has what I would call a “mental model of reality.” It’s an incredibly useful construct of the mind that stores representations of the world around us, kind of like a map, or index. It helps us navigate the world, and relationships around us. It’s great because it means we don’t have to figure out how to open a door every time we approach a wall—we just know, and we are able to walk through.

That’s probably an overly simplistic example, but it governs our personality, and how we unconsciously respond in every situation. We develop this model of reality (a.k.a. “ego” from a young age, and some of the things we pick up and feed into it, aren’t necessarily the truth. Some aren’t helpful, and some are downright dangerous!

An important thing to note is that everything within these models of reality is designed to keep us safe. Even the things that hurt us. We pick up a lot of things as children when we were powerless, and we make assumptions, and apply those falsehoods to the rest of our lives!

Well, meditation is the ultimate method for making this unconscious “model of reality” conscious. We start to see what we’ve put into this map, especially all the things that don’t work for us. All the things that do work, stay the same. But it’s those dysfunctional things that start to become apparent!

And as spiritual conscious awareness expands, those negative elements of the model, the things that allow us to sabotage our own lives (!), begin to fall away.

So this guided meditation video is about how to let go of the false in your inner model of reality, and live your truth. Enjoy.

Get set

You’re going to need:

  • A quiet place to sit for 14 minutes and 3 seconds
  • No distractions
  • An upright, comfortable sitting posture

Where to next?

First, meditate along with me again tomorrow. Then, when you’re ready to move on, join me in Meditation Lesson 3. If you’re  experiencing any difficulty, feel you  simply cannot relax, or you want to accelerate your results, you certainly benefit from my Accelerated Meditation.

Thanks for watching Meditation Lesson 2 Letting Go

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