The Best Nootropic for Beginners

The Best Nootropic for Beginners thumbnail

In 2014 I discovered what I consider the best nootropic for beginners. Watch the video review above to see what I experienced. And to find out more about it for yourself, go here: CILTEP.

Watch the video on my 18 month experiment with CILTEP from Natural Stacks.

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Free Guided Meditation #1: How to Meditate

how to meditate lesson 1

In this first free guided meditation video, I take you through the exact simple steps of how to meditate.

But in addition to that, I also teach what meditation is, a major misconception, and why meditation is a massively self-destructive force (watch the video for why). And of course, how to use it to open up those gaps between thoughts ~ to reveal your own bliss and joy that resides there.

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Epic CILTEP Nootropic Review

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CILTEP Nootropic Review

In 2014 I started experimenting with biohacking supplements to enhance my mental and creative abilities. I tried a number of products with mixed results. Then I found CILTEP. Watch the video review above to see what I experienced. And to find out more about it for yourself, go here: CILTEP.

Here are the results of my 2 month experiment with CILTEP from Natural Stacks.

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Floating to Bliss

float-1218 Floating to Bliss thumbnail

No sound. No image. No bodily sensation. I had to check if I was still “here.”

I was floating in silent darkness in an i-sopod at Float Culture in Auckland. Immersed in “brine,” 500 kg of the highest quality German epsom salts transformed the water in my pod into an incredibly buoyant solution and made me seemingly weightless.

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Alpha Brain Nootropic Review 2014

Alpha Brain Review

About a year ago I started a six-month trial of the nootropic supplement Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs. This video is a no-BS review of what I found.

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Guided Mindfulness Meditation

guided mindfulness meditation

Your third lesson and guided mindfulness meditation.

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Change to

Change to thumbnail

“Things change”, as the saying goes, and this site is no different. It’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally updated the site design to make things a little easier to read.

I’ve been doing some videos lately on YouTube which have been popular, so the site now displays video better too. I hope you like it.

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Time to Shine the Light of Your Awareness in The Shadows of Your Unconscious

expand your awareness

When I began meditating, a lot of negative emotions came up for me. This is supposed to make me feel better isn’t it? It was the opposite of what I thought should be happening.

But I was wrong.

What happens is that your awareness begins to expand. Imagine for a moment your mind is like a house, it has tidy rooms that you look at every day. But it also has a dark basement where lots of things are stored, and you never go down there. It’s where all the ‘bad stuff’ is.

But, it’s also where the foundations are.

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How to Attract Your Ideal Mate: An Exercise in Self Discovery

how to attract your ideal mate

After meeting my fiancee and falling deeply in love, I’ve spent a lot of time over these five years thinking about what makes us go together so well.

Especially given how much we’ve both changed in that time.

It feels to me like we’re more in love now than ever, even though we’re now two totally different people to who we were. We’ve each been a huge influence on each other, and somehow grown with each other. Complementary. And we’re definitely in a better place in our lives now than we were.

Did we get lucky?

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My Meditation Gear

meditation gear meditation gear

Here’s a funny look at what gear I use to meditate, and how I got to this point.

Something you might not think about meditation: it can be hard on your body in the beginning. If you’ve had a back injury like me, just sitting still for more than a few minutes can be agony. You aren’t going to get into the meditative state very easily like that.

So check out the video to see what I went through to get to where I am today.

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Self-Discipline is a Powerful (and Fun!) Tool

Power of self-discipline

There I was, totally immersed in a task that just a half hour before I had completely no interest in doing.

In the monotonous chore I began to witness the simple pleasure I was feeling. I was kinda having fun with it.

What was going on here?

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