Getting Started with Accelerate Me

I had been on my personal development journey for over ten years before I hit rock-bottom. Nothing had worked “as advertised” in exorcising my demons, or improving my Self. Perhaps it was the low self-esteem and need to “be better” to begin with that set off the whole downward spiral in the first place.

Then I found it. Bit by bit I clawed my way back from depression, poverty, broken relationships, and illness.

I’ve designed this site to be a resource first for those who are “beyond help,” and then for those who have reached back up to “normal,” and wish to go beyond and achieve their potential.

Here’s where to start.

Meditation Made Easy:

Start with the first three free lessons:

  1. Guided Meditation Lesson 1 (Video)
  2. Guided Meditation Lesson 2 (Video)
  3. Guided Meditation Lesson 3 (Video)

Form the habit over six weeks with simple free apps like “lift.” Learn how successful and happy people do it and create small rituals. Being happy can be learned and supported with things like nutrition, exercise (minimal!), and friends and family.

Then take it to the next level with my proprietary technology to dive into the deepest states of meditation possible, even if you’ve never meditated before.

The Accelerated Meditation takes advantage of a property of the brain to induce deep meditation, deeper than is possible with traditional techniques.

If your mind-chatter is so high, and compulsive, then it will not be possible for you to apply the tried and tested steps to achieving any goal—you’re simply not consciously able to control your mind and emotions well enough! I certainly wasn’t when I first started. In fact, my brain was producing so much ‘beta waves’ I was close to fight or flight burnout. It took the development of what would become the AM prototype technology to bring me to an acceptable ‘baseline’ from where I could start regaining control of my life.

So this is all about choice. About getting it back. Becoming the master of your mind and emotions, so that you can direct yourself to any task and achieve any outcome. If you want something, you’ll be able to get it—and enjoy yourself in the process.

Here are some of my best articles. I’m grateful to all those who have emailed me in thanks.

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6-steps-100Immediate next step is to get on my email newsletter where I provide you with resources that you will use to get real results. Sign up right now and you’ll get the 6 steps to manifesting anything you desire. I’m not talking about any ‘law of attraction’ mumbo-jumbo either. This guide contains good solid, actionable steps to getting what you want in life.

The guide is no longer available.

Going Further

The body-mind is not two separate things. One side directly affects the other in what’s called a cybernetic loop. So to speed up your spiritual, emotional, and mental journey you can prime your brain with the right nourishment and supplementation.

In this section I put myself in the test-pilot seat and experiment with brain enhancing materials and technologies, and you get to see what works, and what does not.

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