Alpha Brain Nootropic Review 2014

About a year ago I started a six-month trial of the nootropic supplement Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs. This video is a no-BS review of what I found.

I’ve always been interested in performing at my peak mentally, and finding ways to increase my cognitive abilities. But the promise of so-called ‘smart drugs’ wasn’t enough to make me want to try, simply because of the price I’d have to pay: as in some kind of come-down, or other negative side effect.

Mental focus increased and I felt like I had great clarity of mind.

But when I heard about a supplement form of neuro-enhancers my interest was piqued. Could it be possible to achieve some kind of boost using something like this? I’d watched a few videos about it and read as much as I could find, and honestly, it sounded a bit too hypey for me. Too good to be true?

The only thing for it was to try it for myself and record the results. What happened was surprising in the least. If you haven’t watched the video already, go watch it. Then come back.

Okay, so hot-damn it worked! Worked great actually. Mental focus increased and I felt like I had great clarity of mind. Recall was improved—things were just there for me when needed. And a really huge benefit for me was the increased creative output. A massive win.

So really, I’ve got no reservations in recommending you try it out for yourself. Others I’ve spoken to have had an even better experience with it, while some haven’t experienced any benefit at all. It seems that nootropic supplements work like any other supplement: deliver up what’s deficient in your system. But for me it’s great and I continue to use it.

As I said in the video watch out for the initial wave of passion or aggression. I’d recommend tempering it with meditation (goes perfectly with the Accelerated Meditation) to allow you to focus and channel your new motivation.

If you already take Alpha Brain, or are thinking of taking it, let me know all about it in the comments! I’d love to start a conversation about this and compare notes.

Try Alpha Brain here: Alpha Brain.

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  • Trent Jun 24, 2014 @ 9:34

    Great video Jim thanks.

    Are you saying that alpha brain will give you the same effects as a drug?

    • Jim Hudson Jun 24, 2014 @ 9:43

      Hey Trent, glad you enjoyed it. I have not taken any of the ‘smart-drugs’ so I can’t compare, but from what I’ve read I can say that you likely won’t get the same effect.

      The drugs seem to have a ‘deficit effect’ whereby you get a burst of high energy/creativity for a while, then you crash. But with the supplements, you don’t get those lows, it’s just supplementing what you could theoretically get from food. Though it would be impractical to eat the volume of all the foods to get what’s in Alpha Brain.