How a Little Girl Manifested Her Dream

We have some good friends that live right around the corner who told me a story of their 5-year-old daughter. She had an absolute intense desire to own a cat. It became all she talked about.

But chances for actually getting the cat were slim-to-none, as her father is allergic to them and didn’t want one around.

But she made it happen. How?

She used what I call Transformational Realization. That’s the fancy term I coined to describe the process that people can use to get what they want out of life. I’ll tell you how she did it, and then break it down to the principles, so you can use the advanced method to get what you want in the adult world.

The little girl found a place for her future cat to sleep, made it a bed, sneaked cat food into the shopping cart, collected toys, and even gave it a name (“Crystal”). She filled her imagination with everything she needed to become a cat owner. In fact, she completely transformed herself into a cat owner before she ever got a cat.

This went on so long that it literally left her parents no choice but to get her the real live cat. And by all accounts, she’s looking after it well and couldn’t be happier.

You might say that this example is fairly trite. Her parents bought her the cat, she didn’t really get it for herself. But when you substitute her parents for the universe, then it gets very close to showing what happens in reality for adults.

I wanted to tell you this story, because it shows how simple the process can be. When you use Transformational Realization, it’s like the entire universe lines everything up to help you.

  1. She filled her mind with imagery of her desire, and decided it was a done deal that she would get it.
  2. Then she acted as if her desired outcome was a certainty.
  3. She continually asked herself how she could become a cat owner, and simply started doing the things cat owners do.
  4. Her thoughts and her actions led to her transformation.
  5. Her transformation led to showing her parents that she had the responsibility and the drive to look after a real cat.

So instead of praying or meditating on what you want, then carrying on as usual, you actually have to back that up with action. You have to become before you can have.

“If you want to have a million dollars, then simply become a millionaire.”

~ Jim Rohn

As Mr. Rohn so humorously puts it, you first have to make a change in yourself, and become that which creates and attracts whatever it is that you want as a natural consequence of being who you are.

So take a look around you right now, and look at what you have, both with material things, and the intangible (like relationships and love for instance). The reality you now experience, is the direct result of the thoughts you have thought, the feelings you have felt, and the actions you have taken up to now.

My contention is that you have created your life, and attracted those relationships you have, all unconsciously and without intention. So if things aren’t how you might like them to be, don’t worry, it’s not your fault. But it is your responsibility from here on out.

If you continue to think the same and act the same, you will get the same results. No one will save you. It is all up to you.

The key is to regain control of your focus, so you can decide what to think about, what to feel, and how to act. This time though, with intention, with conscious awareness and drive.

“We think we understand the rules when we become adults. But what we really experience is a narrowing of the imagination.”

~ David Lynch

Perhaps the difference between us and the girl is that we as grown-ups, are shrouded in so many layers of limitations, whereas as children we had none. The irony is that now, as adults we have more power to affect the world around us, but so few of us use it.

Just like the little girl, we need to go back to that place in our hearts where we know there are no limitations. Where there is faith in all our actions. And where we can do the things we want to do, and have the experiences in life that we would like to have. We just have to become the person who will create those things effortlessly.

It’s the transformation that is the hard part. How do I start? What do I do? How will I survive?

How to Transform Yourself into a Natural Manifestor

  • You have to learn how your mind works, and gain mastery over it.
  • You have to heal your past traumas, by purging old emotional wounds, and overcoming your limitations.
  • You have to focus your mind on what you want to create 100% of the time, and keep it off what you do not want (eradicate all fears, worry, and anxiety).
  • You have to take 100% responsibility for your life. Renounce being a victim, and become a creator of value for others.
  • You have to decide what you want and take action toward it, accepting that failure is essential to the journey, and after stumbling – always getting back up.

I have been teaching private clients how to master these steps one-on-one, in order to achieve whatever it is they want in life. I’ll be opening up a few places shortly, so if you would like to learn more, send me an email and let me know.

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  • Shilpan Oct 22, 2012 @ 2:16

    “Perhaps the difference between us and the girl is that we as grown-ups, are shrouded in so many layers of limitations, whereas as children we had none. ” — that’s profound, Jim!

    • Jim Oct 22, 2012 @ 17:07

      I’ve never met the Dalai Lama, but two of my friends have, and they’ve both said that he has a wonderful and free energy about him, like a child. I can certainly learn from things like that.

  • Oct 21, 2012 @ 14:38

    Thanks for this very clear description of how intention and action intersect to create an outcome.

    • Jim Oct 22, 2012 @ 17:05

      You’re welcome. Thanks Mark.

      Good to have you back online btw 🙂