My Vision for Accelerate Me

I felt is was important to share my vision statement with you for this website. This is what I work toward every day, using it as my compass and motivator.

My vision is to accelerate the personal evolution of a thousand people in the next 12 months.

This means teaching my people how to shed the false limitations in their self-concepts. Then equip them with the knowledge, methods and means to decide on goals for themselves, and work to achieve them.

Personal evolution means becoming your true unlimited Self, being a courageous and passionate human being, able to create the life you deserve to lead with peace, joy, health and wealth.

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The Three Phases of Meditation

In the last article, we asked the question “What is meditation, really?” Today, I’ve created a video that shows you exactly how you can accelerate your own meditation, and gain all the benefits of a deep meditative state, immediately.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking I’m hyping this up. I recommend grabbing a pen and some paper, hitting the “full-screen” button, and learning all about how you can claim all the benefits of meditation without learning a technique.

Meditation isn’t just about sitting quietly and relaxing. We meditate to improve our waking lives. [continue reading…]

What is Meditation, Really?

Meditation has an almost infinite number of benefits for us humans. But what is meditation, really? And how does practicing it achieve all of these supposedly amazing things?

If you’ve ever struggled with meditation, or never tried it at all, it’s probably pretty easy to discount it (it was for me). But this might make you take another look at it, so you can finally attain some of those advantages for yourself.

In general, what we call ‘meditation’ can be broken down into three basic categories.

  1. The technique, or ‘human technology’ of your practice.
  2. The meditative state itself.
  3. The opened conscious awareness as a result of cultivating the meditative state over time.

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Free Guided Meditation #1: How to Meditate

In this first free guided meditation video, I take you through the exact simple steps of how to meditate.

But in addition to that, I also teach what meditation is, a major misconception, and why meditation is a massively self-destructive force (watch the video for why). And of course, how to use it to open up those gaps between thoughts ~ to reveal your own bliss and joy that resides there. [continue reading…]

Will Smith Shares His Secrets to Success

What Will Smith Can Teach Us About Success

Will Smith has a very physical and palpable excitement for life. You can see it clearly in the video. It’s contagious and it makes him interesting to watch. No wonder he’s a movie star. That passion is magnetic. But what else about him contributed to his success? Let’s look at what Will believes about himself, the universe, and other people. [continue reading…]

Ze Frank on Productivity, Creativity and Inspiration

What We Can Learn From A Productive (and Inspiring) Creator

Wow, I stumbled across this today and was really impressed. Here’s a guy who is dedicated to the output of his creativity. Ze Frank is incredibly productive, but by his own admission, is fallible and human. Of course he is, all the greats are, and so is everyone else. But isn’t that his point? Even the greats and high-achievers have trouble with motivation, and starting, and following through. Is what makes great people great, just doing what the rest of us don’t? Is there hope for us? Do we all have greatness inside? You probably know my answer to this (YES!). But we have to do what Ze is telling us in his inspiring piece of video art. [continue reading…]

What I Learned From Steve Jobs About Intuition

UPDATE: Watch the rare video at the end of this post of Jobs talking about his vision of reality and the personal limits that we accept. Best 46 seconds you’ll spend today!

This is a follow up post to Unlocking Your Intuition, which shows you a method of expanding your intuition. You can read it here.

At the moment, I’m reading Walter Isaacson’s book, Steve Jobs. And though I’ve read three other books about Jobs, I really like the depth this one goes into, the author having had ready access to the subject himself. [continue reading…]

Personal Development Plan Sample

How I Structure My Personal Development Plan

I‘ve got a couple of emails lately about how I structure my overall plan for my own development. Although I have a vision statement, goals, an action plan, and a to-do list, I have to admit that I didn’t really have a concrete breakdown of the structure. [continue reading…]

Want to stop procrastinating once and for all? Here’s a quick tip that actually works.

Firstly, why do we so often fail at controlling our procrastination? There’s something we want to get done, and more often than not, we’ll allow ourselves a moment of distraction. That moment turns into hours, and by the end of the day that action item is left unchecked. [continue reading…]

Developing Inspiration So You Can ‘Tune In’ At Will

Inspiration can be an elusive state of being. But when you’re in it – you sure know it. The feeling fills you with an abundance of creativity and the motivation to actually get the job done. Your connection with Source is free-flowing, and you seemingly exert no effort, even though your output can be through the roof.

My personality type thrives on creative output, and becomes stifled and frustrated when not creating something. So naturally developing inspiration is very important for someone like me. But I’d argue that it’s important for everyone, in most areas of life.

Why Developing Inspiration is a Top Priority

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