Resistance and Acceptance

The two most helpful concepts to learn when going through the awakening process would have to be resistance and acceptance.

You’ll certainly be familiar with the first one, resistance (even if you haven’t identified it as such).

But what about acceptance? And how can that help with the process, and help us lead a life “in flow?”

To help illustrate these elements, take a look over my shoulder as I discuss this with a client: [continue reading…]

How to Wake Up Motivated

If you want to wake up early and get out of bed, here’s an easy answer:

Have a kid. When your child wakes, it’s action stations! You’ll never sleep in again.

Kidding aside, if you want a more practical and self-controlled solution, you might try this next idea. [continue reading…]

How a Little Girl Manifested Her Dream

We have some good friends that live right around the corner who told me a story of their 5-year-old daughter. She had an absolute intense desire to own a cat. It became all she talked about.

But chances for actually getting the cat were slim-to-none, as her father is allergic to them and didn’t want one around.

But she made it happen. How?

She used what I call Transformational Realization. [continue reading…]

An Insight From Bio-Feedback Brain Training

It was November 6, 2007. I’d been trying to get in “the chamber” for almost a year by then. And I was finally about to do it.

I’d read the research.

My head was swabbed with alcohol. Sites prepped.

The reports of spiritual, mental and emotional transformations were undeniable.

Conductive paste carefully applied.

Awakening. Enlightenment.

Just seconds away now.

Could this be the ‘direct line’ to the Universe?


To god?

Darkness. Silence.

Excitement washes over me. I would never be the same again. [continue reading…]

If You Are Not Your Thoughts, Then Who Are You Really?

I got an email today from one of my best students. He has two great qualities that will see him go far:

  1. He’s curious, and
  2. he’s not afraid to ask questions. A lot of questions!

His question today is an important one, because if you’ve ever wondered who you really are, then this will help shed some light. [continue reading…]

The Best Time to Meditate

The best time to meditate is really up to your own schedule and how you make time for it. But there are a few important considerations when planning out your meditation time.

  • Any meditation time is better than no meditation time. Even if you only get two minutes (fellow parents!)
  • Consistency. Practice every day. Again, even if you only get two minutes.
  • Make no excuses for missing a session. Excuses are of the mind, and since meditation aims to master the mind, the mind doesn’t like it so much!
  • Make sure to meditate on an empty stomach. Meditation time is not digestion time. Allow your body to relax, not work.
  • Always make sure you won’t be disturbed.

When not to meditate

I suggest that you not meditate too close to bed time. Time it so your session ends at least an hour before sleep time. The reason is that meditation is about falling into a more conscious state – not a less conscious one (sleep). Separate sleep and meditation because tiredness is an enemy of meditation. [continue reading…]

An Effortless Joy for Life: An Interview with Mark Harrison

One of the best ways to pick up a new skill or mindset is to practice something NLP practitioners call ‘modeling.’ And the key is to only model excellence. I’ve been fortunate to connect with someone who is truly excellent at living with an effortless joy for life.

In this interview watch out for what you can model from Mark Harrison, who is a personal growth teacher. Enjoy. [continue reading…]

What’s the Difference Between Focusing and Witnessing?

One of the most fulfilling things I get to do is interact with my clients and customers. And the other day I had a few questions from an “Accelerated Meditator” asking what he should “do” in meditation. He was experiencing some anxiety during his practice, and noticed it got worse as his last session went on.

I had initially told him to just become conscious of the feeling, and let it be. But it became clear to me that when his feeling became worse, I hadn’t been clear enough in my instructions. The reason is because there is a huge difference between what I call “focusing,” and what is known as “witnessing.” He was doing one, when he should have been doing the other. I had failed to teach him the difference between focusing and witnessing. Once you know the difference, and can experience both, I think you’ll be surprised just how profound the experience can be. [continue reading…]

Mindfulness Meditation Creates Positive Brain Changes

Mindfulness Meditation. Are You Practicing?

Mindfulness meditation is an important practice for more reasons than you might have first thought. Scientists discovered that meditation makes actual physiological changes to the brain structure. Resulting in:

  • Protection against mental illness.
  • Increased signaling connections in the brain.
  • Increase in myelin protective tissue.
  • Higher memory function.
  • Less affected by stress.
  • Increased sense of self.

mindfulness meditationWith these added benefits of meditation, it’s hard to find any reason not to practice. Make the time and just do it! [continue reading…]