Here’s a simple but massively effective tip on how to put yourself into a hugely creative state. Are you ready for it? You’ll miss it if you blink 😉

Take a shower.

That’s it! Instant creativity. Every morning, when I take a shower, the ideas start to flow as fast as the water. It’s a virtual torrent of solutions to problems, article topics, visual imagery, product ideas, or new ways to teach and deliver value.

It’s all there ready to write down or otherwise act on when I’m out of the shower.

“But that doesn’t happen for me. Thanks for nothing!”

Relax. Here’s how you can gain instant access to your creativity (and I don’t take that claim lightly – you really can do this).

First, let’s look at why this works for me, and then chunk up to find the principles at work. [continue reading…]

Meditation Techniques for Beginners

There are many reasons why someone would want to get into meditation.

  • Health issues
  • Depression
  • Low energy or motivation
  • Lack of spiritual connection
  • Poor creativity
  • Waning mental ability & cognitive skills
  • Trouble in relationships
  • Stress and past emotional trauma issues

And for every problem, meditation seems to [continue reading…]

You Are Not Your Thoughts

I was always a relatively bright kid. And growing up, I had a rich and creative imagination and a constantly hungry curiosity for how things worked. I was artistic, articulate and intelligent (what happened, right?? 😛 ). My natural attitude was positive, and I remember beautiful periods of absolute joy, play, and bliss.

It could be that the mind conveniently mis-remembers things that happened long ago, relegating negativity and trauma to the shadows, so they are not the first things recalled. But like all things repressed, they will rise up and seek expression sooner or later. And deep within the human psychology, the expression of repressed pain is always unconscious.

By the time I grew into my 20s, things started taking an ugly turn. The inner landscape of my mind was becoming over-crowded, faster-paced, ugly. It was becoming a city that could no longer cope with its inhabitants ~ the thoughts were getting restless.

A childhood pain had been percolating and it was about to boil over… [continue reading…]

New Resources Section

I’ve just created a new section on the site that details all my recommended resources. You can find it here:

Jim Recommends

I’m going to keep the section up to date with the things that I can recommend will make a difference in your life, to get the results you’re after. If I don’t 100% love it, it doesn’t make it on the list! [continue reading…]

Results-Focused Transformation vs. Striving for Goals

How do you think about your goals? Do you struggle to achieve them, forcing them into existence kicking and screaming? Or perhaps get frustrated with the obstacles in your way?

I’d always resisted the obstacles, fought hard for what I wanted, and had little actual success. The results were the opposite of what I wanted: failure, stress, exhaustion and eventual depression.

There is a Better Way

[continue reading…]

Why You Should Never Work for Money, and What to Do Instead

How the Rich Think About Money

The rich have a secret that they are keeping from you. If you never learn this truth, you will stay in the perpetual cycle of the poor or middle-class.

If you are to ever break the cycle, and begin to grow your wealth, not only do you have to learn the secret — but you have to change your perspective and live it every day. Here it is: [continue reading…]

A New Website for a New Era of Change

The world is going through a massive transformational shift right now, and it’s my guess that it’s just getting started. I’ll post more on what I see is coming, but for now let me say that it’s going to be a tumultuous time for most people on the planet. I plan to use what I have learned through my own transformation, to help others cope and thrive. [continue reading…]

“Chunking” the Secret Key to Goal-Achievement

Ever have trouble achieving goals? Or even setting them in the first place? It’s pretty-much a well established fact by now that those who are successful, are goal-setters.

They decided what they wanted, wrote it down, and formed some kind of a plan to make it happen. Then, they worked that plan. Every damn day.

But, notice how I didn’t say, [continue reading…]

Self-Hypnosis: In 3 Easy Steps

Self-hypnosis is one of the most effective means of promoting health and well-being, but maybe even more impressive, is that it’s an amazing means to accomplish any goal.

When I was a kid, I found a Polaroid of my dad on stage performing an really impressive-looking stunt. He was suspended between two chairs, one under his neck and the other under his ankles, his body stiff as a board. But he wasn’t a performer or stuntman. A minute before the photo was taken, he was an audience member. I asked him “how did you do that?” He told me [continue reading…]

Tools for Distraction-Free Writing


There has never been a time in history where there has been more distractions. Email, instant messages, SMS, Facetime, news reports, TV, advertising… the list is never-ending. There is no escape from these in a typical day.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah! 😉 Today I wanted to share my favorite tools for writing on the computer – without distractions. [continue reading…]