My Meditation Gear

Here’s a funny look at what gear I use to meditate, and how I got to this point.

Something you might not think about meditation: it can be hard on your body in the beginning. If you’ve had a back injury like me, just sitting still for more than a few minutes can be agony. You aren’t going to get into the meditative state very easily like that.

So check out the video to see what I went through to get to where I am today.

Here’s the long term plan if you have any pain:

  1. Get comfortable in any way you can and meditate.
  2. Try to keep the neck upright.
  3. Over time, bring your entire back into to strengthen it up.
  4. Exercise. Focus on lower back strengthening. Yoga a great, but any strength exercise will do. Until you can finally…
  5. Sit erect. Enjoy deep states of bliss.

Advanced Meditation Technology for Beginners

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Jim Hudson

Meditator and image-maker. Silencer of monkey-minds. From illness and depression, Jim has clambered his way through to health and fulfillment using diet & meditation. Read about his experiences, and watch his videos right here on the site.

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  • Natasha March 5, 2013, 9:43 pm  

    Hey Jim,

    Really enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing this! Finally some confirmation that it isn’t just me 🙂
    Like you I’ve also tried so many things but I’m still at the sitting- in-the-chair-stage. I’ll definitely try this.

    • Jim March 8, 2013, 9:58 pm  

      Thanks Natasha,

      It ain’t just you! A couple days after making this video, my back went into spasm — hasn’t happened in about 8 months. A few days meditation lying flat on my back helped 🙂

      You do what you gotta do.

  • Duke March 2, 2013, 6:22 pm  

    I really appreciate your taking a light side on this topic, Jim! Really enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing it. Duke

    • Jim March 2, 2013, 10:10 pm  

      Hey thanks Duke.

      You know, all of the more awakened people I’ve been around seem to have a lovely lightness about them. Life’s more fun with a sense of humor!

  • Vrajesh February 25, 2013, 10:02 am  

    This is pretty funny had a good Laugh. becuase when I got into meditation I thought I could just do it on my bed laying down. I have no back problems either so it was just lazyness

    • Jim February 28, 2013, 6:25 pm  

      Haha, yep I’m pretty goofy.

      But the point is, whatever way you need to start out, do it. If you have to build a pillow mountain like I did, go for it.

      You’ll build up to a straight spine in time.

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